Tree Orders Due Soon!

Just a reminder that tree orders are due on April 1st. just 2 weeks from now. There are some trees that we are beginning to run low on, so if you've been procastinating, now is the time to get your order in before we run out of what you're looking for. Remember you can print a copy of our order form and mail it to us, or you can simply scan and email it to or, call in an order. A couple of hints when filling out your order form... include at least one telephone number. just in case you forget to pick up your order on April 22 or 23rd. Yes, you will get a reminder in the mail (we begin mailing out reminders about a week before pick up. Quantity - put the tota

What's a Conifer?

For a long time we've had discussions in our office, do we just call them "Evergreens?" Which is probably the word you learned for christmas-type trees when you were in grade school. The forester in the office has politely over the years, tried to educate us, so, we figured we'd share that knowledge with you. Technically a Conifer is a tree that produces cones and has needle-like leaves. This year we have 10 different varieties of Conifers available on our tree order form. Find it here: Fast Trivia Question - can you tell me a name of a decidious conifer? (no, we don't have them available this year, but we have offered them in the past.) Send me an emai

Tree orders now being taken

As we have for many years, the Schoharie County Soil and Water Conservation District is now taking orders for inexpensive trees & shrubs. You can find the order form that you can print and mail in (or call us with your order) at our website: the link to the form is right on our home page. Fast fact about a new offering this year - the Persimmon - a fruit tree (that's actually a berry) was once the favored wood for making the first golf clubs (Woods!)

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