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Agricultural Environmental Management

AEM is a voluntary, incentive-based program that helps farmers make cost-effective and science-based decisions to help achieve business objectives. The program is led by local Soil and Water Conservation Districts with focus on local and watershed-wide environmental concerns, farm-specific conservation practices, and individual farm business objectives.  Farmers work with local resource professionals to develop comprehensive farm plans using tiered process:

Tier 1: Inventory current activities, future plans and potential environmental concerns.

  • A short questionnaire summarizing current farm activities, identifies future plans, and identifies environmental conservation interests.

Tier 2: Document current land stewardship; assess and prioritize areas of concern.

  • Worksheets help farmers understand and document current environmental practices while assessing potential environmental concerns.

Tier 3: Develop conservation plans addressing concerns and opportunities tailored to farm goals.

  • Local teams of resource professionals help farmers develop environmental farm plans to address concerns identified in Tiers 1 & 2.

Tier 4: Implement plans utilizing available financial, educational and technical assistance.

  • AEM partners provide technical, educational and/or financial assistance to help farmers implement priority practices from their Tier 3 environmental farm plans.

Tier 5: Evaluate to ensure the protection of the environment and farm viability.

  • Opportunity to evaluate and update plans and/or implemented practices to ensure continued environmental conservation and farm viability.

Please visit the AEM website at for more information or contact our office.

Grant opportunity for those

already with a Tier 3 AEM Plan in place:

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