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Programs For All Types Of Landowners

Have a water dilemma?  We can help - from evaluating a pond for excess weeds

and nutrients, to eroding streambanks and drainage issues, the Schoharie County Soil and Water Conservation District has been helping landowners for over 70 years. 

  • Pond Evaluations

  • Stream Permitting Assistance

  • Stream Design Assistance

  • Pre-Construction Pond Site Evaluations


Awesome Video of Brooktrout in Schoharie County

Stream Gages Up and Running!

Recently, The Schoharie SWCD received a grant to install 3 stream gages along the schoharie creek, these gages will eventually tell us all sorts of good information, but right now, they are set to alarm Emergency Management officials when changes in the elevation of the creek happens.  This will allow them to have a better understanding of potential flooding problems.  Once a complete flood study has been conducted (another grant that is in the works) these gages will also allow us to look at long-term data and decide what corrective action, if any should be completed.  The link to the elevations are currently available on the Sutron website - you will need to zoom into schoharie county in order to find the gages.  The link is provided in the box below.

Mohawk Flood Study Report is complete!

In 2011, floodwaters from Hurricane Irene devastated the Schoharie Creek Watershed, resulting in damages close to $300 million. Communities were inundated, farms were destroyed, and infrastructure severely damaged. The purpose of this study was to reduce the intensity of flood damage through the identification, assessment, and qualification of high-priority sites. The final report of this study is available below.

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