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Tire Sidewall Remover

In New York State, an estimated 18-20 million waste tires are generated each year. Management of waste tires is regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).  The current deadline to become compliant with DEC regulations is May 3, 2021

Waste tires and piles of waste tires pose challenges and problems, including their potential as mosquito breeding locations and potential for fire. -NYSDEC website

By removing the sidewalls or drilling holes in the tires, it removes the opportunity for standing water in which mosquitoes lay their eggs. 

*The tire cutter will only be leased to farms within Schoharie County.*

**Tire cutter will be stored over the winter and available again for use in the spring**

  • We charge $1 per week with a $100 deposit that is given back when cutter is returned.  In addition, a $25 per week fee will be charged when return is more than 7 days from initial date leased.

  • Our tire cutter is on a small trailer for easier transport.

  • Call our office for more information and to schedule a lease period.

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