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Spring Cleaning- Disposing of Electronic Devices

Spring is coming and you may be looking around the home or office wanting to get rid of some electronics that just don’t operate anymore or that you’ve upgraded. The question is, where?

In most cases special consideration is needed for disposing them and with good reason. As these items eventually break down, they release toxic materials into the environment. Luckily larger companies like Best Buy, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell have programs already in place to accept and recycle “e-waste.”

Items that are in still good working condition can often be refurbished and donated to Goodwill or the Salvation Army who then donate to low-income groups or are sold at affordable prices. Another great program is the GE Elfun Computer Rehab. This is a group of GE volunteers that accept donations of computer equipment, refurbish and repair, and then donate them to schools and non-profit organizations.

However, if your items are beyond repair and need to be properly disposed of, here are some local options:

TriTown Computers

836 Main Street

Cobleskill, NY


C-Com Data

573 East Main Street #1

Cobleskill, NY


MOSA Schoharie Transfer Station

2805 Route 7

Cobleskill, NY


Otsego Computer Experts

21 Main Street

Cherry Valley, NY


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