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Wind too much today? Maybe its time for a Windbreak!

Windbreaks are a perfect addition to a home or farm where shelter from the howling winds is needed. Windbreaks can stop driveways from drifting with snow, keep homes and barns warmer and even when position correctly, help fill ponds, and provide shade to keep homes and barns cool in the summer.

There is a lot of good information available on planning windbreaks. Some of the top things to consider is:

  1. Plant your living windbreaks so that snow drops before important places like driveways and walkways

  2. a windbreak planted with 3 rows will work better than just 1 row, as it helps to stop more wind and snow from getting thru the spaces between trees.

  3. Plant far enough away from buildings that mature trees won't lose leaves and brances during storms onto buildings.

  4. Keep in mind small trees will eventually become big trees!

Here are some good sources of information:

Conserving Energy with Windbreaks

Living Snow Fences

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